Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hey, Mom and Pop entrepreneurs...

In the spirit of Radical Urbanism, I'm extending an offer to my readers who are or would like to be small business owners: I will provide a free one-time, and possibly two-time, architectural consultation on your business space. If you have an existing store, workshop, restaurant, or office that needs reorganization, an image upgrade, improved lighting, a new color scheme, smarter signage, or a not-quite-sure-what change, e-mail me via the link on the lower right of this page. Ditto if you are a homeowner exploring the possibility of opening an at-home business.

There's a catch: You have to be in an urban area—the Hudson grid, Catskill village, Chatham village, urban areas of Troy, Albany, get the idea. And oh yeah—no heavy lifting.


  1. Matt, what advice would you give someone from NJ who wanted to retire in Hudson?

    1. Do you mean in regard to small business? Or in general? As regards the latter, the first thing that comes to mind is: Develop a thick skin. It would have to be a lot thicker than mine to avoid taking in the nastiness that passes for casual commentary among some folks here.