Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'd like an 11.4% refund, please.

Last night, I counted thirteen missing channels between Channels 2 and 76. That means we're getting sixty-two of the seventy-plus channels we're paying for.

EDIT, 12:40PM: Hmmm, I apparently ignored a notice from MHC that I was to request they send me a digital converter box. Given that I have a reasonably new television, I thought I didn't need one. So my bad. Then again, if MHC knows its customers need a converter box to use get full use of the service they are paying for, why doesn't MHC simply deliver them without our having to make an official request?


  1. Totally agree! We have lost 63, then 74 and now 48 just recently. I sent them an email asking why, and which others we will lose. Thinking about getting a dish, this is nuts.

    1. Raedancer, call MHC customer service at 800-342-5400 and they will get a converter box to you at no charge.

    2. But as I understand it, you pay 0 for the first box and .99 additional boxes for other tvs in the home that aren't compatible for Digital programming and then a .99 monthly charge for each box. I assisted a neighbor in getting hers set up. I have Directv

    3. I think you are correct. We only use one TV, so we don't have to worry about any extra charges. However, our total monthly bill from MHC for phone, internet(slow), and basic cable is now $200... makes me wonder if we should be looking at other options.