Friday, August 1, 2014

Betsy finds a happy home... the hard way

My girlfriend found a lovely abandoned kitten while running on Mt. Merino Road in Greenport last week. It clearly had gone a long time without eating, and was quite terrified. We took her home, fed her copious amounts of food, and took her to Animalkind on Warren Street the next morning. She was identified by microchip as "Betsy," and had been adopted from Animalkind not long before by a woman living on Front Street in Hudson.

We wondered about the likelihood of a three-month old kitten wandering more than a mile through challenging terrain to an elevated Mt. Merino Road. Did her owner drive her there and abandon her? Our alarm increased when we learned the owner had taken in several other pets from Animalkind. 

I headed back to the area the next day. My heart sank when I found a dead calico at the foot of Mt. Merino Road on Route 9G. It had been struck by a car within the past day. Among the cats adopted by Betsy's former owner was a similar calico. Animalkind went to the site to verify the identity of the dead cat by microchip, but by the time they got there it had been scooped up and disposed of by the highway department.

So far, efforts to verify the safety of the Front Street woman's other pets have been unsuccessful. The good news is that Betsy has been readopted into a stable new home, where she is enjoying her time with another recently found kitten.

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