Monday, December 27, 2010

Ten things I love about Hudson

1. great architecture
2. rough edges
3. big sky
4. the grid
5. no one asks why the new guy (me) is calling them with a thousand questions about the city
6. two hours to Manhattan
7. the sound of the train whistle
8. cheap rent
9. alleys
10. (tie) The post office is five doors from my front door.
There's a coffee shop 200 feet from where I shower.
My electrician lives 1 block away.
My plumber is located 1 block the other way.
I got my computer repaired 2 blocks from home.
I walked 2-1/2 blocks to register my car.
I walk 3 blocks to the movies.
I got my business cards printed 2 blocks from my home.
I walk 2 blocks the other way to city hall.
I walk 6 blocks to the Amtrak station.


  1. a month later- do you have a different list of ten things?

  2. Hmmm... I suppose I could add some things of a specific, personal nature, such as my enormous, tin-ceilinged apartment at cheap rent. Or on the more ethereal end of things, the sense of possibility for what Hudson could be (and that I hope is not ultimately constrained by the narrower, genteel visions some have for its future)... which leads me to note that I seem to like a lot of the things that others most dislike about Hudson, for example the view of the old waterfront industries from, say, lower Allen Street.