Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Windows, doors, and fences

I hadn't used my camera for purely aesthetic purposes in a really long time (years), so the other day I took a walk around Hudson to exercise my eye. The camera frame compels one to make the most elemental and important decision about a composition: what's in and what's not.

I noticed the clothes iron in the upper middle window while having coffee at Swallow, and liked that it disrupted and humanized the repetition of the facade. I came back later with my camera.

Workers at the Union Street Guest House

A lonely spectator... wish I had had my polarizing filter with me.

Doors on Partition Street

No parking, no parking, no parking, no... oh good, I can park in front of this one.

Window mannequins

This house looked unoccupied... who put the pumpkins on this second floor sill?

This shot of some tarps on Partition Street is my favorite. They look like flowing water. Someone came onto the alley and seemed surprised I was there. I told him I liked the way the tarps looked, and he said, "Well, you're the only one."

A peek over a fence.

And another... the "leaf" at upper right is actually a rotting piece of fruit with an insect on it.

Another favorite. I like how the organic jaggedness of the foreground fence counterpoints the more regimented pickets behind it. Not sure if I should edit out the tree at upper left.


  1. Ha! I own the pumpkin house, it is far from unoccupied!!

    And of your intention to cover Bliss, I proffer my website,

  2. Dave, will you get in touch with me? I'd love a primer on the towers.